AmigaOS 4.1 update 4

AmigaOS 4.1 Update 4 was released on December 22, 2011. AmigaOS 4.1 Update 4 runs on the following hardware platforms:

  • Amiga Classic equipped with CyberstormPPC or BlizzardPPC
  • AmigaOne and MicroA1-C
  • Sam440ep (all variants)
  • Pegasos II
  • AmigaOne 500 and Sam460ex

An incomplete list of features in Update 4 includes:

  • New Emulation drawer with Amiga ROMs and Workbench files which can be used with Amiga emulators such as UAE. ROMs are provided for all classic Amiga models and the CD32 platform.
  • New scsi.device patch for Classic installations which enables SCSI drives to be used for memory paging (SWAP).
  • Added NoDriveClick utility for Classic users.
  • Added RunInUAE contribution which can be optionally installed along with the update.
  • Added DefIcons support for RunInUAE.
  • Updated TCP/IP stack with much improved DHCP support.
  • Updated MUI with some fixes.
  • Fixed a problem which created dummy nameless drawer icons during some drag and drop operations.
  • Fixed incorrect file sizes for some Workbench objects when in text mode.
  • Fixed several USB issues.
  • Fixed colour transposition issues with 3DLabsPermedia2 driver.
  • Fixed inconsistent behaviour of WBRun.
  • Fixed elf.library that could cause programs using shared objects to misbehave when unloading.
  • Corrected aspect ratio for gadgets when used on wide screens.
  • Fixed problem in kernel which could cause issues in low memory situations.