Thilo Köhler

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HD-Rec is a powerful MIDI/audio sequencer for AmigaOS. It combines comfortable MIDI notation with extensive audio editing within the same application, running always 100% synchron. To achieve this, HD-Rec takes full advantage of the AHI system for audio and the CAMD system for MIDI input and output.

HD-Rec has a powerful plugin interface, allowing a wide range of plugins, like patch editors, softsynth or visualisation plugins. Beside this, it has an easy interface for DSP audio effects, like a high quality reverb, delay, chorus and more.


Key Features

  • very user friendly and intuitive GUI
  • up to 96kHz non-destructive audio recording & editing using virtual memory
  • 32 bit realtime DSP effects (reverb, delay, chorus, compressor...)
  • Bars&Pipes style notator for MIDI elements
  • Audiomaster style editor for audio elements
  • uses AHI for audio and CAMD for MIDI
  • powerful plugin system for MIDI/audio applications like softsynths or patcheditors
  • 256 tracks (MIDI/audio)
  • supports aiff, wav, maud, raw, cdda, 8svx, mp3, mod and mid files