Simon Archer

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CodeBench is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Designed purely for use on the latest version of AmigaOS, CodeBench is a management system that is modular to allow adaptation to various programming languages.

The tabbed editor allowing multiple files to be open at any one time. Syntax highlighting and all the usual functions are included: Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, Find, Replace, Indent etc. Blocks of pre-built code can also be inserted as well as handling highlighted blocks. Also supports colour " themes" for familiarity.

Utilising a 'project' based system, all files are grouped together by type and are easily accessible from the Project Window. Editing is a simple matter of selecting the required file and it is opened in the built-in editor. Creating the finished article from the project is a one click event from the toolbar.

Download the Special Edition version here.