AmigaOS Port by Michael Trebilcock

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Neverball sees you guide a ball through a series of complex grids and courses with the aim of either collecting as much cash as you can, beating a time limit or reaching a certain goal. You guide the ball by tilting the course side to side but one false move either way sees you fall to your death!

There are many courses to choose from to challenge your skills and reactions, there are also a selection of in-game challenges as well that you may want to attempt.\n\nControlling the ball in Neverball is extremely tricky at times. You'll need to home your skills to make sure your ball doesn't just roll off the edge, hit a barrier or simply run out of control. It can take several goes before you can even complete one course on the easy level, this game will keep you coming back for more.

If you've got the patience to guide a ball through some seemingly impossible levels you'll enjoy Neverball.

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