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Audio Evolution 4 gives you unsurpassed power for digital audio recording and editing on the Amiga. The latest release focusses on time-saving non-linear and non-destructive editing, as seen on other platforms. Besides editing, Audio Evolution 4 offers a wide range of realtime effects, including compression, noise gate, delays, reverb, chorus and 3-band EQ.

Whether you put them as inserts on a channel or use them as auxillaries, the effect parameters are realtime adjustable and can be fully automated. Together with all other mixing parameters, they can even be controlled remotely, using more ergonomic MIDI hardware.

Highlights of Audio Evolution 4.0:

  • Non-linear editing on the time line, including cut, copy, paste, move, split, trim and crossfade actions
  • Unlimited undo
  • Many grid options to align regions
  • Improved automation editing on the time line
  • Record automation events during playback by mouse or MIDI remote
  • Track height adjustment and higher quality waveform display
  • Metronome with freely adjustable time signature
  • Control the mixer and transport controls remotely with external MIDI hardware
  • Native OS4 effect plug-ins with realtime parameter control and metering
  • New plug-ins, including a new compressor, chorus, ducking delay and sound replacer * 
  • Effect parameter automation
  • WAV import
  • 'Repeat region' functionality with intervals
  • Automatic regionize with export to BurnIt
  • ARexx interface
  • Communicate and synchronize with other applications (like B&P) easily through the Master Control Bus
  • Enhanced look using a 256 color screen. Most imagery can be changed by the user.
  • Experimental Dolby Pro Logic encoder
  • Brand new manual in HTML and PDF formats
  • Many more smaller improvements and bug fixes

The full freeware version can be found at OS4Depot.