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ArtEffect is the first art program that gives the Amiga artists the power they need to do their ArtWork.

ArtEffect unites painting and image processing under a particularly productive user interface. We emphasise on productive functions which are quick and simple to use in your daily work. However not only beginners will like it but also the professionals who are looking for high quality and who want to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

ArtEffect is not "just another" graphics program for the Amiga. ArtEffect is not oriented towards the current "standard" programs on the Amiga, but rather to the classic programs for professional image processing such as Photoshop (TM) and for creative painting like Fractal Painter (TM).

Proven concepts and ideas of these classic products were merged with the uncontested advantages of the Amiga. You see the result before you.

Professional Image Processing with ArtEffect
Processing scanned images and graphics of all kind has been the Amiga's domain ever since the machine appeared. Nevertheless the products available for the Amiga have not been widely recognised by the graphics world during recent years. ArtEffect is the first program to provide productive image processing functions under a uniform and effective user interface in the typical Amiga style.

Selection Functions
Particularly important are the functions to select certain areas of an image for processing. Of course some filters are often applied to the entire image, but when dealing with image errors it is necessary to select a particular area. So one can retouch a scanned photo in a narrow area without influencing the quality of the rest of the picture.

ArtEffect offers a wide range of selection functions (they are also known as mask functions) such as: rectangle, circle, freehand and specialities like colour selection, running masks and "Magic Wand" (selection of connected areas with similar colour). With this all cases of selections of certain areas can be done quickly and easily.

More than 30 Effects
ArtEffect offers more than 30 different effects with countless options. All effects are used the same way and they all have the same user interface. Each effect has e.g. a Preview in which the effect is applied to an image section. The range can be zoomed in and out. A progress bar shows the progress of the operation. The options are very extensive so every effect can be adapted to your personal wishes.

ArtEffect is an 68K application running transparently on AmigaOS 4.x.