1.3 R2
Edgar Schwan

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AmiCygnix is a fully featured release of the X Windows Environment.

The X Window System is the base for the all graphical user interfaces on unix or linux systems. No matter which GUI-toolkit is used, on the lowest level works X11. The system is splitted into a server and in a client part, which is typical for unix like systems. The server is responsible for processing the graphics and handles the user events like mouse-moves or key-events. The client finally is an application (e.g. a paint-program or a text-editor), which is using this system for displaying his windows.

What is the advantage to have this on an amiga-system? It makes it easier to port open source software to the amiga, because the sources for the GUI part can be compiled without any (or at least very few) changes.

With AmiCygnix you can use applications, such as AbiWord, Gnumeric, Gimp and Pidgin. Many more applications are also available which run under the AmiCygnix.

WHAT'S NEW? It is now possible to open any X11 Application as a window directly on the Workbench giving tighter integration between AmigaOS and X11 Applications.

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