Richard Lake

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Jack is an all-round multi-purpose application for everyday use that can sit nicely on your Workbench all day long. Jack can help you download and install software from OS4Depot quickly and easily thanks to in-built AppStore.

Jack can take a snapshot of your screen and comes with a simple, but effective Image Editor so you can even rotate, watermark, resize your snapshots or even open images from your photo albums. Jack will even let you explore your photo albums in glorious full screen mode.

Jack also comes complete with a file manager so you quickly and efficiently browse your important documents, rename, delete or even open them in your favourite applications.


  • Fully MUI-compliant
  • Video playback support
  • Skinnable Commodity Interface
  • App-Store, Download and Install software exclusively for AmigaOS
  • Calendar View and Weather on your Workbench
  • Add Events to Google Calendar
  • Google Currency Converter
  • Take snapshots of your Workbench, crop, re-size or even add your very own watermark
  • Learn and get the most out of AmigaOS with the in-built A-Z knowledge base
  • Get Involved: You can even submit your own articles to the included AmigaOS knowledge-base
  • Immediate access to common AmigaOS preferences
  • Features a simple file management tool
  • Browse your image folders full-screen
  • And so much more.